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How to Use Your Online Security Certification to Get Employed

Any course in online security requires passion, interest and commitment for one to start, complete and earn a certificate. On the other hand, these days, most of the big companies show interest for online security and it is a field where we see more and more opportunities to grow. Here are some tips you may take in consideration when you apply for a job.

Give examples

There are a lot of courses and programs which allow you to obtain a certification without offering relevant information. This is also an issue well-known by recruiters and making a great impression on your studies implies giving examples on what you know and on situations you will be able to solve.

Show passion

Even though online security is not the main responsibility or a direct connected field with your duties for the job you apply for, showing passion and the capacity to learn and improve yourself continuously is a plus. Try to evidence the fact you are self-taught and you are always looking for different ways to improve proficiency in your domain. Also, make sure your recruiter knows that you have been making extra efforts to learn new things, because you are passionate about this present-day domain.

Highlight the relevance

At the first sight, for someone who is not following the trends and news in technology, this domain may appear to not be so related to the daily activity of any simple job in IT. However, it is. When you’re talking to your recruiter, try to find out some examples of what is happening the moment you don’t have someone with an expertise in this domain and what was your truly motivation to follow this kind of course.

Invoke personality traits

Almost everyone who is trying to get ready for an interview doesn’t realize how important the personality traits they reveal are. At some point, everyone gets bored of questions about “your main strengths”, “your weaknesses”. However, for a recruiter, they are very important and one working in human resources notice every personality trait that may show up in the answer following any other question. This is way, you may try to indirectly invoke the fact that as a hard-working and curious person, you were able to obtain multiple certifications.

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