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How Is a Security Certification Adding Value to Your Resume?

In order to find more opportunities, we are continuously improving our skills, obtaining different new certifications, applying for different jobs and taking all challenges. As everyone is looking for jobs that are better paid, you should always concentrate your efforts in being different and having a new, unique and rare skill. From this point of view, no matter what is the job you may apply for, a strong certified knowledge about online security may help you a lot and you will discover the reasons in the following lines.

It highlights your passion

If you have the curiosity to learn by your own some new things, it is already a great advantage every recruiter will take in consideration. In case you are able to connect the online security with your current activity and to explain how it helped you or why it was important to complete your formation, it will also highlight your true passion for your work and for your activity.

Explain your skills

Explaining your skills to someone who has not necessarily some technical skills is not an easy job. Try to use short metaphors and don’t be afraid of being original. Also, try to group skills in your resume and use subtitles in order to give the person who reads an idea on what you are actually doing very well.

Key words

The use of as many key words as possible is essential on creating a great and successful resume. There are two reasons why is like that. First of all, some companies use special softwares which will give to the recruiter a pre-selection of the resumes which contain a specific list of key words. The second reason is that every recruiter gives only one minute to every CV, so you should have the main skills highlighted.

It’s an experience

Obtaining an online security certificate is not only about having theoretical knowledge. As in every IT subdomain, it implies a know-how which is obtained only by practice. This is a reason why, if anyone is asking, you may also say that you have experience in this domain.

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